Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Show Some Love Marion Street Cheese's Way

I happened to be twice at the newly built, quite worthy, Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park yesterday. No one was weeping or begging for this appeal. Still, at least one guy there expressed a bit of wistfulness. See, a few weeks in, the display coolers have gone on the fritz. Something about them over heating from the parking garage in the same building. So, when a shopper shops at Marion they do not see cases full of artisanal cheese, cases full of local meats like the array of La Quercia products they stock, nor do they see the salads and sides made from local produce. They will see a rotating band of cheeses displayed on the counter (I was especially pleased yesterday that they featured a row of local cheeses from Traders Point Creamery, Uplands, Prairie Fruit Farms and BleuMont Dairy). Still, people are not buying as much because of the problems.

These guys have poured a lot into their venture, and they are doing it righter than right. The cheese in the cheese danish comes from Zingerman's, that alone should make this place a must stop for dedicated foodies. It is all of that ilk. This, with Cassie's Green Grocer, [and Fox & Obel, but do they need the boost?] are the tops in the local food game. I'm lucky to have this place in my neighborhood, but it is worth driving to from all over Chicagoland.

The display cases will probably be up and running soon, maybe by the time you read this. They probably won't need special blogger pleas. In the meantime, go show them some love and buy something there.

Marion St. Cheese Market
100 S. Marion
Oak Park, IL

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