Thursday, August 07, 2008

On the Road Soon but I Got Something - Local Beet

The Local Beet is on the air. Michael Morowitz, also known as Eat Chicago, has fathered three babies in a short span. Besides two ever growing baby boy's, he's got an ever growing new site dedicated to eating local called the Local Beet. It's in its "soft launch." There is plenty in the works that you should see soon. Still, come and see what is there, participate in the discussions and enjoy the journey.

I promise a very fine day in Southern Wisconsin soon and more praise for the folks at Mado. I'm off again tomorrow, to Michigan. I expect at least two meals at Zingermans as well as a good amount of time in Detroit's Eastern Market. Pay attention here, but pay extra attention to what's happening at the Local Beet.

I'm very excited to be involved with the Local Beet as one of the featured bloggers and also as an editor. We plan on being an outstanding resource for those eating local, and we plan on providing interesting and informative writing, photography and videos and lively discussion.

You know what word I hate these days, no not locavore. It's ginormous. Locavore may be the word of the year, but ginormous certainly seems to be the word of the moment. Now, as much as I hate the word, it's what comes to mind when I think about our eating local scene. We have so many delicious foods. We have outstanding markets. We have multiple organizations. We have forces tasking. We got new stores a-selling and mail order a-shipping. There's a lot of dots out there. One thing, more than anything, with Local Beet, we want to connect those dots. It's ginormous.

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