Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Road Again

More Nothing to Come

Well, I could have something. New favorite Mado came through again (well everything but the farro), but old favorites Semeramis and Margie's failed us. My praise-o-meter that stalled on Marion Street Cheese's danishes needs to get working on the rare and precious heart-shaped baby tomatoes from Catalina Farms at the Oak Park Farmer's Market. I totally screwed up the Eli's thing. Last week was the engaging Stan Schutte. You can hear poultry guy, John Caveny this Thursday. I'm sure I could cook up more, but we leave soon for Wisconsin. I may or may not be able to post more until Friday.

All of these people mentioned in this post will provide good reading while I'm gone. Or see what Bruce's up to on his roof. Will she make you as jealous as she makes me?

The big eat local news around here remains the stellar performance by our cheese team. Whoo-hoo! Me, the team includes at least Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, so I share the boosterism of Indiana fer sure. For the cynics, here's a less chauvinistic report on the competition.

For those following the more personal side of the odyssey, we put away some more food, making it easier to eat local the coming winter. Of course, we buy too much anyways.

Don't wait for me, find a farmer's market close to you. There's only one guide to tell you what's in season now. Believe it or not, you can find local at Jewel these days, but it's a hell of a lot more fun to check up on the engaging [ed. and charismatic] Cassie and her Green Grocer. Find some time also for the marvelously updated and enhanced Marion Street Cheese store.

Talk to ya soon.

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nerdychaz said...

Friend, if you are ever in the southwest area of Wisconsin. I have a stop for you Glarner Stube in New Glarus, WI. www.glarnerstube.com

518 1st St
New Glarus, WI 53574
(608) 527-2216

Not only do they have delicious Swiss Cuisine, but they have the Midwest's largest Urinal! It's a great stop and the beer is brewed three blocks away!

Also, they have a portion on their menu dedicated to traditional Swiss food. I don't know what part of Chicago you hail from, but I would say that it is a 4 hour drive from Chicago. There is other stuff in the area too. E-mail me at punkpirate2@gmail.com for more info on this native wisconsinites faves.