Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Save This Restaurant

Orange Garden Chop Suey

Putting my palate on the line, I eagerly signed up for Gary Fine's Orange Garden expedition. You can read about our meal at the end of this thread.

For those wondering why the hell Orange Garden Chop Suey is showing up on this blog, I'm a long time "fan" of this place. I believe strongly that it needs urgent landmark protection. Really!

Also, to address a something that's come up a few times in recent days, both in seriousness and last night in mockery: I am perfectly happy with my eat out exception to our eat local rules. I believe in local, try to eat local, but I also thoroughly enjoy eating out. I am not gonna give up one for the other. Still, as I have said before, we eat in much more than before. Hat Hammond asked me for the 848 segment, what about the cost of eating local. I conceded that our food costs were probably higher than before, in house, but we were still spending less on meals because of the decrease in restaurant meals. Eating out is expensive, a family outing to the World's Greatest Hot Dog Stand approaches a twenty these days. We do, however, go out a few times each week. For the variety, for the convenience, for the company, you will still find me and my family at restaurants, including restaurants that don't serve local.

Orange Garden Chop Suey
1942 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60613

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