Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why Eat Local

People Want Safe Food

You can't see those words in the online version of today's CTrib editorial, but it's there on paper. The CTrib uses a decision by Trader Joe's to cut back on sole source Chinese foods as an excuse to remind us that food may not be as safe as we think (and want).
And those consumers are reacting with their pocketbooks. Those who can afford to do so are looking local for everything from baby building blocks to apple cider.

A regulatory system, assets subject to tort decisions, these may be reasons that economists cite as why consumers find local foods more comforting. How 'bout transparency, the chance to know the source, even visit the farm. Whether you take comfort in Big Brother or the little farmer, there are mechanisms that ensure that local food is safer.

Food safety, just another reason to eat local.

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