Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's Local at Cassie's Green Grocer

A Lot!

It's good to eat local--look to the right side of this blog for some reasons. And while I do enjoy a certain amount of the effort to eat local, I'd also appreciate less effort too. I want local to come to me a bit more. The new store Green Grocer is bringing local to me. Here in one store, mushrooms from Wisconsin, salsas made in Wisconsin, (and salsas from Wisconsin mushrooms and made in Wisconsin); local eggs, local milk, local lamb, local, local, local [ed., and books on eating local too, no?]. Sure, not everything Cassie sells right now is local, but her focus is local with a capital L. Based on my two visits and my conversations with her, I know the inventory will only get better.

I did not get a lot today, but it was just the kinda things I want/need: Papa Lena's beet chips--put a vegetable and a chip in your kidz lunch at the same time! Bennison's bread (because Evanston's about as easy to get to for me/Oak Park as Madison, WI) and the intriguing Mu Tofu made from Wisconsin soy (read about it here).

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