Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's Local at Whole Foods - River Forest, IL

Come Back Tomorrow

So, yesterday, I needed peanut butter, bread and lunch meats, did not think I needed milk(s, 1% for her, whole for me). I did my usual surveillance of the produce area, especially in light of the Whole Food Promise. California potatoes were bad enough, but Chilean citrus to go on top of the Chilean cherries. Should a localvore survive on burdock root and parsnip (the extent of the local produce)? By the end of morning coffee today, I found both our milks gone.

I'm on you Whole Foods daily. If you make promises of keeping local, keep them. And today they did. Burdock root (who even consumes burdock root?), parsnip AND the same conventional Michigan asparagus I saw last week.

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