Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I (Continue) to Hate Martha Bayne

Gets Her Bottle of Death's Door Vodka

About a month (now), I was up in Madison shopping. Not only did I get to the Washington Island Coffee House after it had closed for the day, but my (feeble I admit) attempts to buy some Death's Door Vodka* went to no use. The Reader's Martha Bayne, who shares my affection for Washington Island, claims to be the first one in the Chicago area with a bottle, the only locally made vodka (I mean gin) we know--vodka (I mean gin) made from wheat grown in Washington Island, Wisconsin. The rest of her time in Washington Island sounded pretty fun as well, although there were no reports of fried lawyers.

*Death's Door=the straits between Lake Michigan and Green Bay.


the fish said...

Actually, it's the brand-new gin that I laid my hands on this weekend. The vodka's been around for a while and I know of at least one local retailer who might start carrying it in the near future. So, don't despair. But feel free to continue hating me if it helps.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how people in the media don't research what they write about..the first and only distillery in WI is Great Lakes Distillery...they make Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Vodka and Gin...only spirits produced in WI...google Milwaukee vodka and you will find all info you need...pass this on to Martha...death door comes from iowa

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that Death's Door works with Wisconsin farmers is cool.