Monday, June 11, 2007

Eat Local Fish

New Vie Menu Posted!

My job is nearly all based on computer research. I'm facing my Dell six to ten hours each day (at least). It gives me ample opportunity (and excuse) to peruse the Internets, working my vast catalogue of bookmarks. Maybe not once a day, but often, especially when it's been ages since a new menu has been posted, I go to my favorite restaurant's site. Has a new menu been posted for Vie?

Yes! The June 9, 2007 menu has posted, roughly a month since the last menu was posted. And Chef Virant has seen our pleas, here and here (for instance). The new menu features:

crispy fried lake perch, mustard aioli, local lettuces,
lemon vinaigrette and house pickled asparagus


pan-roasted walleye pike, smoked fingerling potatoes, pancetta, local spinach and wood-grilled baby fennel vinaigrette
As usual, there are so many things I'm anxious to try. This dish especially appeals to me:
salad of wettsteins house made country ham, confit of spanish judion beans, local tuscan kale and “cepa vieja” aged sherry vinaigrette (I just put an order in for 1/2 lamb from the Wettstein's, still thinking about the pig)
Still, next time I go, I'm getting the fish.

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