Sunday, March 14, 2004

Upcoming Culinary Historian Meetings
Cathy2 provides this heads-up:

April 17th, we have Chef Fergus Henderson's whose cookbook, "The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating" (Ecco, $19.95, softcover) first published in Britain, is due in the U.S. at the beginning of April.

Fergus was featured in the Chicago Tribune Food Section last week. We will be having a book signing, with the proceeds going to a scholarship fund. If you are interested in a signed book, then contact me directly and I will reserve a book. Cost will be $20 + book rate mailing fee. I'm the book lady for CHC and occasionally ChicaGourmets, so I will be ordering books this week.

May 15th: Donna Pierce, who wrote the Trib article on Chowhounds, will present a lecture on Soul Food.

May 22nd: Joint meeting with ChicaGourmets at the University Club, Michael Batterberry of Food Arts magazine.

June 12th: Patricia Wells, who wrote for the New York Times and International Herald Tribune, will lecture on foods of France. I just learned Patricia is originally from Wauwautosa (sp?), Wisconsin. I followed her articles for years in my Moscow apartment dreaming of better food just a plane ride away.

July 17th: A FFP (Formerly Fat Person) will discuss eating disorders ... (I'm interested to see what this has to do with culinary history)

October 16th: Marcella Hazan is penciled in. The grand dame of Italian cookery.

November 13th: 18th Century Cuisine

Membership is $40 year for individuals. Individual meetings are $10 per head.
Their website is here.

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