Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Todd & Holland

It's kinda neat having one of the leading tea purveyors in the USA practically down the street. The Condiment Queen decided to give up substantial coffee drinking (something I would never do), and take up tea connoisseurship. She got hooked at Chado, a nice tea store and cafe in Los Angeles, but shops extensively at the close-by Todd & Holland.

If you have any interest in tea, you should check this place out. I hardly have the fanaticism of my wife (and surely prefer coffee), but as a foodie, I still love going to T&H. First, there is the intense depth of product there, how can you not appreciate it. Second, there is Bill Todd. As he told me the other day, "I'm willing to talk tea with anyone for as long as they want to talk tea." Whether its something as mundane as how to know how to get your water at the correct temperature (i.e., 185 for green tea) to various micro-estate teas, he can converse on the level you need. If you cannot make it to River Forest, much information can be found on their web site, and you can easily order from there.

7577 Lake Street
River Forest, Illinois 60305

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