Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Mil-WALK-ee (Seth's great name!)

MikeG, in the comments for the upcoming Milwaukee Ave. Walkathon (April 17), n/k/a Mil-Walk-ee, wonders if we should go NW, pick up cars, and extend to "Niles where Polish meets Middle Eastern and Korean-Asian with some Italian thrown in. We would of course be literally recapitulating the move of Polish immigrants from Milwaukee in the city to Milwaukee in the burbs." I'm not really hep on this plan, but I am open.

The problem with this approach is where would the cars come from? We park them for later use? My thinking actually, anyways, was to walk SE, towards the city center. There are a few reasons for this. I think early on when are legs are fresh and our appetites wider, we can cover more distance, but as the day wears on, it will make more sense to be able to just drop in on whatever is in front of us. I am not even sure how we should do this. My instinct and desire right now is to have no set itinerary, just go with the flow. The whole point of being on foot is maximum flexibility, but it also does impinge on the ability of people to move in and out. But that is also, again, one of the reasons I want to go IN. We work towards more transportation options not less. If we ended up north, its a lot harder for people to hook up. Finally, as obvious in any athon, do not over fill the day, a lot gets left off as things proceed. Anyways, I am not set on anything here.

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