Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Costs of Local

When that five dollar pint of raspberries goes in one sitting, it's easy to think local food is more expensive. Surely if you price local meat, you will be tempted to turn vegetarian. Still, I contend that local food saves money. Moreover, the price of local food pays back in many ways.

The key factor, more than anything, and Mado, Vie, Lula, etc., aside, local food is about cooking your food. The Chicago Tribune, happy its bankruptcy is now yesterday's news notes the advantages of cooking while talking about my wife's passion, cookbooks:
Cooking at home can be more economical, yes, but that's just the beginning of the bonuses with inspired recipes from a new cookbook. Cooking can bring family members together, it can open a window to other cultures, it can teach kids to become more independent, and it is almost always a more nutritious way to eat.

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