Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baked Lame at Rodity's

I've heard (more than once) that Rodity's is the place Greeks/Greek-Americans visit more than any other in Chicago's Greektown. Despite my constant quest for authenticity, I have not been there myself. I do like what I see on the menu.

Helen, you missed one way on the bottom of the page, and you wonder why I always say nice things about you.


helen said...

Which one? I'll fix posthaste.

(You have no idea what hell that menu was in before I lent it my powerful skills of orthographic deduction. Brain-hurting.)

VI said...

Orthographic, wow you are smart! (Seriously!)

Look for the lame on the far bottom of the menu.

And never, ever, ever, blog about my editing skills!

VI said...

I'll add that you know your word is impressive when the second thing that arrives via Google is the entry.