Friday, November 07, 2008


I shall probably be off-line, or infrequently online over the next week as I forsake local food for Texas BBQ. Please stay tuned to the the Beet; lotsa new developments:
  • Our resource pages are starting to come online. The great thing about the resources, is that the information is culled from our personal experiences, not just from Google.
  • We should have an additional blogger up soon. A great and dynamic voice, and one that will greatly expand the ideas presented on the Local Beet.
  • Since you will be longing for my stellar version of "prose", there should be an article by me up soon on the Local Beet feature page.
  • Michael beet (haha, get it) me to posting on the NYTimes great article on root cellars. We will continue to speak and report on how one can cellar and cold store on the Local Beet. You can also chart the inventory here.
  • All the rest of the Local Family news in my latest blog post there.

Talk to you soon. Eat well!

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