Friday, October 24, 2008

Looking Ahead

On, I listed all of the good local food recently gotten, both via CSA and through deals offered at the markets. I'll update the inventory here soon. For now, I want to remind you, firstly do hit the markets this weekend. Most Chicago area markets will close shop after this weekend. As I have reported, now is the time to wheel and deal. Then, after your area markets have closed, get ready to hit the winter markets organized by my friend Robin and Tony of Scotch Hill Organic Farm. They have a full schedule planned from November through March. Robin wants me to remind you, to ask ask your favorite growers if they’ll be participating in markets. The first winter market will be on November 8, a Saturday, 9 - 1, at the Church of the Holy Nativity, 9300 S. Pleasant St., Chicago. The following day, Sunday, there's a market at Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin, 39W830 Highland Ave, Elgin. The latest schedule of markets can be found here.

In addition to Robin and Tony's markets, Geneva will be throwing up a winter market again at the Inglenook, 11 North State. This year the markets will be on Saturday's instead of Thursdays--here's a report from last year. I cannot speak to the contents of the market yet, but I will say that any trip to the Inglenook is worth it for the cheese selections of Curds and Whey.

Chicago's Green City Market will be around for several more weeks, going indoors in November, but meeting mostly twice a week. I am not sure where stand, rumblings of market hours in the other winter months. News on Green City's hours as well as other continuing markets, can be found on the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Agrihappening's site.

Don't let anyone tell you, you cannot continue to eat local in the Chicago area after October.

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