Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Drink Local

Hey, I could have been like all the cool bloggers and got press credentials for the Chicago Gourmet Festival in Millenium Park. Noooooo. I was instead exercising my first press pass at a Midwest Wine Expo in Rosemont. I wanted to find out more about local wines. I have found enough to write something, either here soon, or maybe on Until I do, Bill Daley's talking local wine's at the CTrib (hate the redesign, finding the web site not much better)
Midwest wines have not received their proper share of attention—or appreciation. Chicagoans generally ignore these wines, believing them inferior to the wines of France or Italy or California. I'll leave it to others to argue over that. For me, Midwest wines are often, well, different and that's good.
Well, for now, all I will say is I do agree with the different thing.

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