Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hear Me Talk Local

Chicago Amplified

Cathy(2) Lambrecht and the Midwest Foodways Alliance provided me a platform (in fact a cool Emerlesque cooking theater) about a month ago to talk local. For those interested in what I said, you can now find the podcast at WBEZ's Chicago Amplified page.

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Jean said...

Thank you; good talk. Nice to hear the viewpoint from a "regular guy." My husband and I had the same reaction to the Kingsolver book - interesting experiment, but not feasible for everyday life. We subscribed to a CSA last summer (half share) and ended up being disappointed when we had to supplement from the farmer's markets, especially for essentials like tomatoes. After following your blog and hearing your talk, it's sinking in that multiple sources are necessary (not to mention more fun!).