Monday, June 30, 2008

What Does a Sky Full of Bacon Taste Like?

There are a lot of us in the Chicago eater community with talent, at least in bits and pieces. Then, there are a few with real talent. MikeG's one of those guys. He's a master sketcher, designed the LTHForum logo, takes some mean photo's, but especially he's a master of the edit machine. You think he's just taping, but the end product looks like something you'd see on TV! A few years ago, he and fellow talent, David the Hat Hammond, made an outstanding documentary of the new Maxwell Street Market and its attendant eating pleasures called Gorilla Gourmet (buy a copy here). Mike's set his camera a-workin' on the Chicago food world, starting out with a topic near and dear to me, local eating. More, he showcases my pal Cassie Green of Green Grocer in the video. He plans on doing many more videos.

MikeG, also known as Mike Gebert's new site is Sky Full of Bacon. He blogs here and you can watch the eat local video here.

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Michael said...

Thanks for the plug!