Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rick Bayless Drinks Local Milk

Shake Your Milk Thang

Last night I watched the first episode of a new season of Mexico: One Plate at a Time. Rick did a Mexican take on Spanish food. He needed milk for the flan. I could easily tell from the bottle and a brief glance at the label, that Rick uses the same milk as my family, Farmer's All Natural Creamery. Still, Rick or his daughter Lannie, I forgot who, was adding the milk, did not shake. When you use this milk, do shake as the milk is not homoginized. On the other hand, maybe what happened to Rick is what's happened to me before, all the cream went out in the first (lucky) pour.


sdritz said...

We watched that episode Saturday, then went to Garden Fresh where my younger daughter saw the milk bottle and exclaimed, "This is the milk they used for the flan!"

Right now I'm hooked on Fair Oaks Farm because it is easily available in my neighborhood.

VI said...

Suzy, I have mixed feelings about Fair Oaks Dairy. We've stopped there a few times, when driving I-65. Their ice cream and cheeses are very good, but it's also the kinda big mega-dairy that I generally oppose.

Michael said...

Good luck shaking that stuff, though, given the 1/8th inch at the top of the bottle.