Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Requiem for the Roots

(last inventory report)

I was thinking this morning, what happens to the potatoes in our attic when (if?) the weather warms. It's been a great storage spot, but its days are numbered. We did manage to remove all of the roots from the attic last week, cooking the last of our turnips and beets--with about a 2:1 ratio of usable to spoiled. Reasonably, the end of February should be the end of stored roots. I think we carried the stuff about as long as possible; plus, it's time to eat something else. The question is what? Updates to what's there (excluding freezer goods) in italics:

Cranberries - two packages no change
Pie pumpkins - 1 - no change
Celery - about 2/3rd of a head, usable for cooking - a few stalks hanging in
Herbs - rosemary, thyme, parsley - Added! - oregano, mint, cilantro
Winter squash - about six including acorn, delicata, turban and butternut - no change
Keeper onions - good stock - Added 10 lbs, so onions are fine
Sweet potatoes - low stock - no change
Garlic - about 20 heads - used up a few heads, so maybe 18. On the other hand, I did find some garlic in a different spot, so we had more than I thought
Cabbage - 3 heads of white cabbage, one head red; the whites have varying states of decay - Used 2 white, the worst of the white is still there, I'm not sure why I'm keeping it.
Sunchokes - 2 lbs - This we eat when there is nothing left (?)
Carrots - low stock - Used our 3 large carrots from Freshpicks, very limited stock
Parsnips - low stock - Used about 4; we have more parsnips than carrots
Beets - very low stock, about six usable beets - Used all the beets
Turnips - very low stock, about four usable turnips - Used these turnips*
Potatoes - very good stock - Used some, but stock remains strong
Apples - medium stock - Purchased 3 lbs of Michigan red delicious, but used them all in "Project Sandwich" lunches. Significant dent in apple population in bungalow**
Lettuce - 1 bag of mixed greens, one head of boston lettuce (non-local) - Existent lettuce finished, purchased two bags of aquaponic lettuce at last week's winter market.
Microgreens - 1/2 bag of sunflower shoots - Existing sprouts eaten, purchased peashoots at winter market; sunflower shoots at Whole Foods.
Mushrooms - cremini, mixed oyster/shitake (cultivated) - Used existing mushrooms, purchased new mushrooms at winter market.
Celery root - 2 lbs - no change

Purchased radishes at winter market, but ate them, with their greens last night.

*Roots resurrected: I found two turnips in the back of our vegetable bin this morning. Sprouting yes, but still usable.

**For a change of pace, we went heavy on non-local fruit this week. We purchased blood oranges and honeybells at Trader Joe's, and we got a good deal on bananas at the wholesaler. We purchased two bunches of bananas there (which still have not ripened since last Thursday).

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