Monday, February 04, 2008

What's In Season Now, Chicagoland - February

New Vital Information Feature

To those eating local, you should/could find these foods available this month:

Updated 2/13/08
Beef, lamb, chicken, pork - Winter markets; farm direct, Internet/
Grains - Winter markets, farm direct
Eggs - Winter markets, farm direct, grocery,
Farm raised tilapia - Winter markets
Farm raised rainbow trout - Grocery
Great Lakes fish - pike, whitefish, pearch, white bass, lake trout, carp - Grocery, speciality stores
Microgreens, sprouts and related - Winter markets,
Lettuces - Winter markets, farm direct,
Arugula - Winter markets, farm direct,
Carrots - Winter markets, farm direct,
Cabbage - Winter markets,
Potatoes - Winter markets, farm direct, grocery,
Apples - Winter markets, farm direct, grocery
Herbs - Winter markets, farm direct,
Mushrooms - Winter markets, Grocery,
Onions - Winter markets, farm direct, grocery
Burdock root -
Horseradish -


dl said...

check out for local veggies, meat, dairy, etc.

VI said...

Note, I am not opposed to Irv and Shelly's Fresh Picks, nor do I specifically endorse them. I've no specific experience with them.

Nina Interlandi said...

Hi there,

I believe you have joined my Yahoo Group for Chicago Locavores? Anyway, I just wanted to post a comment on this, both to say HI and to say that I have had one delivery so far from Irv and Shelley and found it to be a pleasant experience. I only got produce at the time, but I am considering trying some of their meat for my next order. I did write them an e-mail asking about ingredients in the bacon they offer but have received no response yet. I'll be letting the Yahoo Group know how the next delivery from them goes.