Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's Local in Martha's Vineyard

NYTimes On the Case - "On Martha’s Vineyard, Using Scallops as Currency"

Even in January, her hours in the kitchen have a purpose. Sitting in the bright oak post-and-beam room built by her husband, Richard Osnoss, a carpenter, Ms. Buhrman explained that she tries to eat only food raised on Martha’s Vineyard and to go down island to the grocery store in Vineyard Haven as little as possible...“You can buy heirloom tomatoes in the winter from God knows where and they don’t taste anything like the ones from Caitlin’s farm on Middle Road in Chilmark.” The contrast between summer produce at its peak and what is available off season drives Ms. Buhrman to find new ways of putting up summer fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
It's a good article (link, but reg. req.) with a couple of good winter recipes--although I quibble that a recipe includes Vidalia or sweet onions, a VERY NOT winter product. What I don't quite quibble about the article, but what makes me quibbly [ed. quibbly?] is the whole ruralness of the scene. What I mean is that I greatly admire and appreciate stories like this, but there is a distinct difference between eating local as part of a farming community and eating local in a suburban community like Oak Park. I'm not jealous per se, not frustrated per se, just, well, quibbley.

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