Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Visit My Food

Toys in the Attic

Wine geeks place furniture in their cellars to hang out with their wine. I poke around the attic to check on my fruit (and veg). As I have mentioned before, this is the first winter we have used the attic as a storage option. It is unheated and pretty (although not completely) dark. The attic seems appropriate for everything but alliums (which should be mixed with potatoes in the first place, and need a warmer locale in the second).

We have not dined in home in over a week, really since the lamb neck, Boston and all. Today I wanted to see how the food was holding out. Good. All of the attic apples are solid as are the squash. The white potatoes, including Yukon Gold and fingerling seem no worse for the wear, but some of the red potatoes are sprouting. Turnips too, a few turnips are growing proto-leaves. Still, the turnips seem firm and mold-free, all I want. Beets, however, are a bit looser. We will cook some tonight.

We did buy navel oranges, tangerines and grapefruit today.

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