Thursday, July 05, 2007

What's Local at Taste of Chicago


I'm not a Taste of Chicago snob. I enjoy a yearly visit, AND I had dreams that a Robert Randolph seat would open. The latter did not happen, but I was surprised to find a place expressly offering local produce.

Lagnaippe, the only stand at Taste of Chicago that features LTHForum in their signage, offered a crawfish boil with "Illinois corn" and a jambalaya with "local produce". Although I was pretty full on Harry Carey's fresh fried Idaho potatoes, I had to try the local item. So my wife and I split the eight ticket jambalaya.

Monica Eng rated it eh. Local be damned, it was well beyond forget it. For one thing, I was hard pressed to find any produce, local or not in this red mess. For another, it was overloaded with powdered sage, the same flavor that can over dominate some soul food. I mean this was really bad. I guess I don't instantly like everything local.

One of my Taste of Chicago fantasies remains a Nicholl's Farm stand at the fest.

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