Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Local as I Wanna Be

Local Lamb, Local Beef, It's All Burger to Me

While a 1/2 lamb does not leave quite as much ground meat as a 1/2 cow does, was there any doubt how we'd first dig in?

Wettstein Organic's ground lamb mixed with Genesis Growers sweet summer onions, flat leaf parsley, egg as well as local company but non-local Penzy's sweet curry powder; ancient Milwaukee garlic, stale bread. Grilled. Served with a sauce of Greek (and I mean Greek) yogurt, Italian olive oil, grated Genesis Growers cucumbers and Genesis Growers mint.

Salad of earliest season Genesis Growers house tomatoes, Genesis Growers cucumbers, Harmony Valley Romaine (Whole Foods!), Wisconsin feta (forgot where).

Genesis Growers zucchini, Sandhill Organics fennel

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