Thursday, May 03, 2007

Plenty - Something I Did Not Know

I Don't Need Much Convincing.

I'm not reading Plenty for ecological footprints and animal cruelty and salad recipes. They got my respect from page one. I'm convinced. Still, I was hoping to pick some things up from this couple who ate everything from 100 miles or less, and 3 or so months into the adventure, I got my first good factoid.

It took an Act of Congress in 1976 that allowed for farmer's markets, a law that essentially allowed states to allow farmer's markets. Before this, there were fewer than 300 farmer's markets in the USA. Now, there are more than 3,000.

I pine for a year round market in the Chicago area. It is May, however, and markets around here are (at least) soon: Green City (May 17) and Evanston (May 19) are about the first to roll out. But also, the "French Market" in Forest Park (which actually features French nuns, or even more accurately, actual French, French nuns) will run this Saturday from 9-1 PM on Madison in Forest Park. Here's a report on last years early Forest Park French Market.

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