Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good News or Bad News

Asparagus Omlette or Tomatoes with Feta?

That was the good news, although to the daughters, especially older, it did not seem like good news at all. Bad news was, we were not going out for dinner. Seems the brood had gone soft on local/seasonal on me.

"No more asparagus."

Can you believe that. My soon to be Bat Mitzvah'd daughter said that. As if in mustard vinigrette, with hot butter, in pasta, in pasta with mushrooms, grilled, roasted, roasted again but with an egg on top, with egg but as a frittata, with eggs, scrambled. This was too much asparagus?

Did not she even care that I had already blanched and frozen some today, to eat next winter. When the cabbages go awry. Did she not care that Farmer Vicki's Genesis Grower's (last) Spring CSA box contained many sticks. That I had bought to show Whole Foods, that Mick Klug had lousy strawberries but great asparagus.

It is not like we are mono-cuisine at the Bungalow. We have four types of lettuces (and that's calling mesclun a type), five kinds of greens, radishes that are white and turnips that are reddish pink. Enough that for the second week in a row, the broccoli went in the freezer to ensure we had some, some room in our two refrigerators.

So, we settled on a variation of a dish of Melissa Kelly, of Primo in Maine. Tomatoes and feta and pea shoots in a light dressing (how many households can read a recipe that includes pea shoots and say, hey have some in the basement fridge...?). I wonder if Ms. Kelly's feta was anywhere close to as good the Capri Farm goat feta (not cheap!) purchased in Madison that improved our greenhouse tomatoes.

It helped a lot that we finished with Hoosier Mama pie gilded with hand whipped Michigan cream.

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