Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Towards Eating Better

About sometime in 2001 I began posting reports on restaurants on the Internets. One reason I had a lot to say about restaurants is that I ate out a lot. I still eat out a lot, but not nearly as much. One of the reasons I eat more at home, is that I have really grown to enjoy how we are eating (at home). So, I thought I would share some reasons why our home eating has become so enjoyable.

Now, the forthcoming posts will surely reveal no secrets, and some of the ideas may have been worked a bit already at this site--do you know about eating local? Moreover, I fear I will sound banal and rather dorky, but I'll give it a try. Many, nay most of the things to be presented may be done or known, like you need VI to tell ya, but maybe, maybe I'll provoke an idea or two. Maybe, maybe there will be a few aha moments that will add pleasure to your meals. For these are not about big changes or cooking tips: hey cut the vegetables uniformly so they cook evenly. They are about marginal changes, changes at the fringes. Details, things that can be done at home a lot easier that can change a meal.

I risk the fool for another reason. I believe that one of the problems Americans have with food, and with the resulting food related illnesses, is the fact that we do not eat organically and naturally and for pleasure and enjoyment. And while I think organic/natural in a Euell Gibbons meets Whole Foods is good (very good), I'm not talking about that. I mean eating in a way that is natural to the flow of life and family, that fits into schedules yet is not a slave to schedules. Think of the patterns of traditional Spanish eating, to take something seemingly extreme, yet this way of eating developed to fit with the Spanish climate. Natural, I mean cooking and eating with the foodstuffs around, in season, again as you find in other cuisine's. I believe the way these other peoples approach food and eating is the primary reason they are healthier than us and surely look a lot better.

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