Monday, January 02, 2006

Food Envy
Wish List for 2006

• Whether schwarma, gyros or al pastor, I want it cooked on the spit. Not in a pan; not on the griddle, and surely not like too many al pastors, cooked and then re-cooked and then re-cooked again.

• Moreover, when it sez char-grilled, I want it grilled over charcoal. Flavorizer rocks are not charcoal.

• That all my French fries (home fries, cottage fries and similar) come exclusively from fresh cut potatoes.

• And all my coffee be served in real cups. Not only is it better for the environment, it tastes superior.

• That more will be inspired to take the eat local challenge, and that we find nary an asparagus in August or a Peach in April.

• Regardless, 98% of the tomatoes served should not.

• The relish tray comes back into vogue (and all those places still with a relish tray thrive).

• Dressings are homemade.

• Pepper is fresh ground.

• I can expound just a bit more like GAF, with the eye for detail of ReneG, add some of the scholarship of Antonius (or Erik M), be as smart an aleck as Hat Hammond, and just once, be able to talk wine with Steve P. Oh, and also, maybe earn an quote.

• Neither my palate nor pocketbook craves Alinea, Moto or Avenues, but I feel like I should visit at least one of these in 2006.

• But I would love to do a comprehensive assessment of Chicago’s steakhouses.

• Then, compare to Peter Luger.

Craft, Bouchon (Vegas edition), Joe’s Stone Crab, Bastide, and perienial wish listers Chez Panisse and St. John are all places I would travel to if I could; while the places close to home I most lust are Matsumoto and Toplobopampo.

• Also, go to Vancouver to see if the Chinese food is worth the fuss. Until then, I want people to pay more attention to what I have to say about Chinese food in Chicago.

• Also, also, another thin-crust pizzathon to restore my faith in Chicago pizza and answer Pigmon's challenge.

• As a committed believer in the Czech Paradox, I plan on consuming my full of dumplings and beer even as I finally loose that 40 lbs that’s been nagging me since I broke my wrist in law school.

• Eat more Scandanavian food.

• When the Condiment Queen makes a batch of caramels, plenty are left over for me.

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