Wednesday, July 27, 2005

8th Market
Oak Park Farmer's Market 7/23/05

Well, it poured five minutes after we arrived, which meant I did ate my donut on the run and just did not have the spirit to "take-in" the market. It's a shame my timing was so off, as things are really bloomin'. Just one glance at Nicholl's, where the Condiment Queen already shopped while I got a soggy donut, and I saw something as interesting as Armenian cucumbers. I did also see that The Farm, a local truck farm made their first apperance. They sell their corn from the same trailer they harves it from, and this vehicle really "completes" the market. It is no longer a parking lot. Still, it was mostly a fruit market for me this week.

There was exotica, white currents, and Americana, sweet and sour cherries; berries in various shapes and sizes and all the stone fruits. I relished it all and wonder why anyone would want fruit hauled in from distant states.

See ya next week.

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