Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Eat Local!

Let us count the ways...

Via The Chicago Tribune (registration required):

The Guide to Eating Organic In and Around Chicago," recently issued by the Organic Food Network, offers a resource for diners and cooks on the prowl for organic foodstuffs. The listing includes farms, farmers markets, restaurants and supermarkets. Also included is the "Summer 2004 Guide to Local Organic Produce." (Some information is online at For a copy send a check or money order for $6 payable to Organic Food Network, P.O. Box 4086, Wheaton, IL 60189. You will see that organic/local produce, meat, etc. is out there and not just at the Green City Market or Evanston. According to the Organic Food Network, local organic farm stuff can be found at farmer's markets in Naperville, Orland Park, Kankakee, Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Wilmette, Park Forest, and Wheaton (and more).

This is an amazing resource of things available in Illinois, I bet you had no idea so much was out there.

Terra Brockman can often be found selling the wares from her brother Henry's farm at the Evanston Farmer's Market. Her organization, Land Connection, is a great resource.

Seven Generations Ahead works on environmental issues as well as sustainable food issues, but just for us foodies helps bring local produce such as organic meat to Oak Park. I am in the process of joining. You should too!

How local is London? Still, Fergus Henderson is my idol and role model. I look at his menu daily to see how I should eat.


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Sylvia Renteria said...

Is there a web site that lists all restaurants in the chicago area that serve organic meat? I am not a vegetarian but I am forced to be so when I eat out because I simply refuse to sipport factory farming. I only eat organic meat at home. Animals eat other animals. If I eat meat, I would like some assurance that the animal did not have a miserable, abusive existance