Monday, February 23, 2004

Watch Gorilla Gourmet Eat Maxwell Street
Will Be On Soon in Chicago!

Gorilla Gourmet Impressario, MikeG passes on the following info:

Got back from vacation to find a letter from CAN TV, which handles
public access programming for all Chicago cable franchises. Gorilla
Gourmet: Maxwell Street Mexican will air (so to speak, since this is
only cable) at the following gorilla-times and gorilla-stations:

Sunday, 3/21, 7:30 pm, Channel 21

Thursday, 3/25, 10 pm, Channel 21

And it only took them losing the tape and all the forms once!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here (shortly to be
updated with the above info):

And if you don't get cable at all, and still want to see this fabulous
program starring many of the folks here (well, a good dozen and a half,
anyway), as well as some of the best food and most interesting vendors
on Maxwell, use the above link to find where you can shell out money
for your own copy on VHS or DVD including DVD-only bonus scene! (Did
everyone who has a DVD already find the DVD-only bonus scene?)

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