Monday, January 12, 2004


On Chowhound, several people are sharing their love for the rapini and beans at Jimmy's Place, a superb bar and restaurant in Forest Park. While I have nothing against these rapini and beans, I do not find them quite as axiomatic as some others. To be honest (as Hannah would say), when I think rapini, I still think one place, Bertucci's, on a side street in Chinatown.

Bertucci's, at least a few years ago, was one of Chicago's great hidden gems. Just being on the side/residential street satisfied one of RST's criteria for greatness. Plus, this very interesting crowd would satisfy most's taste for local color. And the rapini, you can find it with several plates. What I have always liked best, was the sauted rapini nestled next to a piece of panned veal--a veal somewhere between really fine milk-fed, but a lot better than the breaded veal found at your local Greek. If you think you like rapini, try this rapini.

300 W 24th St
Chicago, IL 60616

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