Thursday, January 01, 2004

Eating LA
I'm gonna post more thoughts on the LA Chowhound board. Here's a quick re-cap:

El Gran Burrito - A bit edgy with great head meat tacos

Falafel King - Sentimental favorite still a favorite. Picking just a few salads too hard, made up by the fact that I can help myself to more than five kinds of hot sauces.

Stan's Donut's - Loved the banana peanut butter. This Stan guy is a genius. Not as crazy over the cheese/cherry combo. What was this Stan guy thinking?

Uncle Bill's - OK pancakes

Randy's Donut's - Great donut facsimile on roof

Border Grill - Not resting on laurels for sure. Nice kid's menu

Fatburger - Fast food that still allows itself to be greasy

Pink's - We like Chicago dogs better

Renu Nakorn - Except for all the special things mixed in--the garlic/chili sauce for the catfish, the crispy rice and the thorny vegetable with the pompano stew, things like that, Renu Nakorn did not make me say wow. And did not sear my nostrils as Jonathan Gold promised.

Donut Shop next door to Renu - Buttermilk bar blew away Randy's - Seek this place out, not just for donut tips, but the Thai born owner is quite the foodie, with opinions on a lot of LA places. Hint, he does not think much of Renu Nakorn.

Jay's Jayburger - Great hamburger not so great chili

Tommy's - Not so great hamburger, better chili--as a combo, better than Jay's

Dinah's Coffee Shop - Perhaps the finest restaurant in LA (I kid you not!)

Hollywood Farmer's Market- Fan-freakin'-tastic - Best pupusa's I've ever had

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffle's - Gower Street location even better than Pico. Amazing sweet potatoes.

Pie n'Burger - THE LA (area) burger. All the elements combine into the perfect burger. Lemon meringue pie pretty good and strawberry cake even better

Kuala Lumpur - Fine rendition of Malaysian food

Guelaguetza - Searched out the 8th street location to see if it was better. Answer, not really, but that did not mean it was not tasty. Although I have to say, the very LA, Mexican bakery run by Koreans across the street was even tastier.

Musso and Frank's - There is a reason it's survived since 1919. Loved everything but the prices. Hearts of Lettuce salad with anchovy dressing single best plate of food on trip.

Sushi Gen - Doing something right as it was packed with Japanese families on a Tuesday night

Woody's Smogersburger - Who can resist? Charred burger more special than the smogersburger toppings bar.

Du-Par's - Did I say Dinnah's was the best restaurant, well that was in Culver City, so Du-Par's is the best restaurant in LA. French toast is not supposed to taste this good, and that pie...sigh!

Primo's Donut's - Unlucky us. Most of the selections were gone as we stopped on the way to the airport. We still liked the meager pickings. No ability, however to rank it against Stan's.

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