Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Farmer's Markets
Even as our big bag of asparagus wilts away in the fridge, I love farmer's markets. My wife, the Condiment Queen and I attempt to visit the Oak Park Farmer's Market weekly. Last year, I decided to report on the market each week on chowhound as a way of capturing the flow of food through the season, from the earliest rhubarbs to the last apples. I wanted to chart what came and went. On top of that, I wanted to give as much publicity as I could to this great event. Whether my reports achieved what I wanted, I'd prefer to leave un-explored.

Once again, we will try and make it to the market each week, and I will mostly likely report each week on Chowhound. Here's this week's report. I'll try and link or otherwise comment on other markets as I find them. Evanston, in most ways is the primary rival to Oak Park, and one area we do battle is in farmer's markets. They've had a few more organic vendors, but we have always had donuts and bluegrass, although this year they have had things a lot quicker.

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